Baby Girl Card with MAGNETIZED Front

_DSC0003 ED

Hello Crafters

This card was made for a couple who was to have a baby girl. The “Father to be” requested me to design a card for his wife (Mother to be) on the delivery of their baby girl.

I wanted to make something different than what we usually see in the market.. So i came up with this idea of making a magnetized front and hiding  lovely secret messages behind and underneath it.

Card Dimensions: 9′ x 12′ inches

_DSC0025 ED

This is the closeup of the scalloped circle (which is magnetized), i poped up the stork and baby  using foam tape… Foil accented the sentiment “Special Delivery” with gold foil.. I love the look of gold foil on pink. To make the scalloped circle more sturdy (for a little extra dimension) i layered it with 6 sheets of good quality white card stock.

_DSC0029 copy.jpg

This is how the flip side of the scalloped circle looks as you take it off from the card (remember it is attached to the card using magnets, so is removable). Holds a beautiful message for the mother on her delivery 🙂

_DSC0030 ED

This is my favorite part! The scalloped circle holds a carriage underneath it, which is a pocket and holds a baby girl inside it

_DSC0033 ED

The baby girl is loose so u can take it out… isn’t she ADORABLE ❤ .. i glossy accented it just because i like to glossify things 😉

_DSC0037 ED

and lastly, as you can see the baby girl is actually a tiny card and holds another secret sentiment on the inside 🙂

I hope you liked my card. if u liked it please leave a comment below to let me know what u think about it 🙂

will be starting the tutorials on my projects really soon!

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